Here at CleanBright aside of your everyday cleaning and window cleaning we also offer a variety of specialist cleaning methods often reaching the previously deemed unreachable.

Prevention is certainly cheaper than the cure! And here at CleanBright we have a gutter vac which will rid you of those blockage problems which can potentially cause irreversible damage to your property. As a general rule your gutters should be cleaned once a year, possibly twice a year if there are overhanging trees nearby.

We have within our fleet a cherry picker which is an effective way to clean or maintain those hard to reach areas. Cherry pickers can be used for a variety of reasons. Cleaning windows that are in excess of 60 ft. (approx. 20 m.) high, hanging or cleaning decorations at height and painting etc.

Graffiti and gum removal has been revolutionised due to the new Tornado ACS advanced cleaning system which cleans without water or chemicals! CleanBright is one of the first in the region to be using the new technology that takes the hard work out of those horrendous jobs, whilst making them affordable.

One of the most common insurance claims in the UK is for roof repairs. This is usually down to poor maintenance, and more often than not a simple annual roof clean can rid you of these problems. If your roof is not cleaned off and kept at bay roof algae has the ability to shave years off the life of your roof. It’s important to remember that roof algae are a living organism that needs food to continue to grow. Guess what the favourite food of algae is?

CleanBright offers all these services to both our domestic and commercial customers, so, don't hesitate  in contacting us.