With an increase in solar panels being installed across the UK, CleanBright has started a service to clean these surfaces for home users and businesses. The efficiency of these devices depend on how much sunlight absorb, even the smallest blemish can make it worth your while to clean these amazing devices by CleanBright. There have been a number of studies and surveys of the benefits of keeping solar panels clean. However, the frequency of cleaning very much depends on where you live and the amount of dirt your solar panels attract. Like glass, solar panels get dirty and because they face upwards in the same manner as Velux windows are prone to soiling in a number of ways, depending on your location:

• Bird and animal droppings
• Dirt and dust deposits
• Industrial and vehicle pollution
• Saps, pollens and debris from trees
• Moss, lichen and fungus
• Salt deposits in coastal areas
• Fertilizer & pesticide sprays in rural areas