Apart from improving appearance of commercial property there is an important aspect of keeping public areas safe. Slippery paths, steps and shop entrances can become a hazard. Slippery paths are an unnecessary hazard that regular maintenance can prevent.

Using state of the art high pressure power washers, CleanBright have the power to tackle the toughest jobs in all sectors of industrial and commercial cleaning. We can restore that new look, that will freshen up an area and give the right impression to all those who use it, especially prospective clients and customers.

We can clean all kinds of surfaces without state of the art equipment such as:

• Cleaning & restoration of stone
• Masonry paint stripping
• Brick/Brickwork
• Concrete
• Block paving
• & other hard masonry surfaces cleaned.

 At CleanBright we mean business when it comes to pressure washing washing! Stubborn stains call for a powerful approach, and that's exactly what we provide. We have a range of specialist chemicals to suit any job. The combination of pressure and heat can remove most contaminants such as:

• Mould
• Concrete
• Tar
• Oil
• General dirt
• Paint
• And even smoke-damage caused from fires

It can be can be used to clean most exterior and some interior hard surfaces including tarmac, concrete, driveways, paving, brick work, masonry and many more. 

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