Graffiti and gum removal has been revolutionised due to the new Tornado ACS advanced cleaning system which cleans without water or chemicals! CleanBright is one of the first in the region to be using the new technology that takes the hard work out of those horrendous jobs, whilst making them affordable. Using a patented chemical-free and waterless negative pressure jet system that has already revolutionized the Cleaning & Restoration Industry. With remarkable speed and effectiveness, and without water or chemicals the Tornado ACS:

  • Removes rust and paint from surfaces, polluted tiles and other floor coverings.
  • Restores smoke and fire damaged areas in both private homes and commercial properties.
  • Remediates mould completely which is one of the biggest concerns facing families and homeowners.
  • Cleans ugly and unwanted markings and environmental contaminants such as paint, graffiti, road spray and tars, soot, chemical emissions, iron oxides, rust, mould, printers ink, caustic stains, hydrocarbon and more.
  • Works on common surfaces like brick, concrete, plaster, natural stone, tile, rock, wood, plastic, metal and more.